New Project: 100 Faces


Back in December 2017 the project was launched based on an idea that crossed my mind for several months. I witnessed the slow physical and devastating decline of a colleague after he was diagnosed with cancer back in the summer. The months that followed were ruthless and the face became more of a grimace. The fear in the eyes. The anxiety that eventually led to his passing after 7 months. 100 Faces, a hundred different expressions (or the lack of it) of everyday worries: illness, sadness, the list is endless. The project is in progress and is due in the second half of 2018. For info and updates mail us here

A recent project that I am working on from 2017 is called 100 Faces and shows 100 different and mostly distorted faces. Unmasking the subjects in a provocative and ruthless manner. Grimacing faces and the materiality of colour creates awareness of brutality, existential abysses, and the fears of existence. The works are made with a specific technique, the strokes, brushes, drawings rapidly applied onto the canvas or paper which express the dynamics borrowed from the Tachism-movement.